We use a thermochemical process to help solve a key environmental challenge by creating biofuel and zero waste energy from tyres.

Our Mission

We are at the forefront in helping to solve a key environmental challenge.

With the huge volatility in energy prices and the increasing demand for renewable fuels, the time is now for fuel sources that are closer to home.

We are creating a national network of 6 UK plants to convert approximately 6 million waste tyres annually into high-value commodities.


Where waste can be an opporunity

What comes out of the tyre?
There is a substantial market for our reclaimed materials.

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The recycled oil can be sold at competitive prices to a variety of industrial customers. It also reduces the requirements for fossil fuels from other sources.

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Carbon Char

The properties of char are similar to coal, yet char contains considerably less sulphur than most bituminous coals and thus has 25% more British thermal units (BTUs).



A commodity that is always in high demand as well as being a valuable waste metal.