What We Do

What We Do

50-60m car and lorry tyres enter the UK waste tyre market every year.

Until recently, a significant proportion of waste tyres were shipped to recyclers in developing countries. As these markets start to deal more with their own domestic waste management, many of these governments have begun to tighten emission and dumping regulations.

We are a visionary company with a plan to make use of this valuable resource by transforming the way car and truck tyres, and other rubber related wastes are recycled, dealing with the problem locally.

The thermochemical  process is environmentally friendly and complies fully with all UK and European waste directives. The increasingly tight regulations for disposing of tyres gives us a key commercial advantage over alternative methods of tyre disposal.

We want to be a key partner in helping energy and manufacturing companies to reduce their dependency on traditional fuel sources.

We are working closely with the Helen Mcarthur foundation and in the process of securing ISCC accreditation.