The Process

We use a thermochemical process conducted at 400-600°C where tyres are shredded and heated without air, converting the rubber into oil and gas while separating out steel wire and the carbon char.

The diesel, carbon and steel are recovered without mining or drilling. The lower refining, treatment and transport processes, together with the removal of a pernicious waste from the environment, gives a double benefit against normal and established sources of these materials.

Our technology can be broken down into a 3-step modular cascaded process where we transfer the rubber of used tyres into raw materials. This makes a significant contribution to the Circular Economy of tyres.

The Process

Pre-treatment where the tyres are selected, cleaned and chipped to 15 cm pieces to prepare them. The steel and other components are removed.

The thermochemical process breaks down the rubber into carbon, oil and gas at a working temperature of approximately 500oC in an oxygen free environment.

Reworking the oil from step 2 to produce TDO (Tyre Derived Oil) via condensation, distillation and multi-stage filtration processes, prior to being used as fuel for a wide range of industrial applications.