Our Team
Johnny Saunders
Founder & CEO

In 2011 John founded the first licensed Pyrolysis conversion business in the UK. He spent six months in China researching all available plants, machinery, and technology. Over the next seven years, he grew the business and refined all processes to achieve the highest possible yields of commercial raw materials from end of life tyres.

Before this, John qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1995 and remained in practice until 2001.

He was also a co-founder and CFO of several major hospitality venues. During that time, he helped achieve exceptional growth for all of these venues, which were ultimately sold on.

Man Hong Chan
Founder & CEO

Man Hong (Charlie) is a highly experienced founder based between Hong Kong and the UK.

In 2013 Charlie became a partner in the first licensed Pyrolysis conversion business in the UK with John Saunders.

Charlie started his career with his own retail and wholesale business in Hong Kong. He set up four retail shops in Hong Kong and seven in mainland China; representing key international brands in these important and fast-growing markets.

Charlie also created and operated the most successful Ramen concept in Hong Kong, which he has subsequently licensed to multiple mainland China and Singapore sites.

Charlie used his extensive contacts and experience in China to source and negotiate terms for all the plant and machinery for the Grimsby-based plant and continuously worked on improving all processes and terms with suppliers and trade buyers of the oil and all bi-products.

Simon Warren-Thomas
Director & COO

Simon Qualified as General Practice Chartered Surveyor in 1979 and was subsequently elected as a Fellow RICS.

Apart from his many years in practice, he has first-hand experience in the recycling industry having worked with the Founders on the first licensed Pyrolysis plant in the UK.

His role involved acquiring the property for the plant, commissioning a new industrial process for waste management, subcontracting and managing a new 350 meter 11Kv underground cable to the factory from the local power supplier and performing management functions whilst successfully navigating through the EA and LA permit regime, and enlisting the services of chemical engineers and permitting specialists.